Step 1

As with all cleaning methods, it begins with good vacuuming. Sadly most vacuuming falls far short of recovering the dry-soil. And since the greatest quantity of soil in the carpet is dry soil, it is essential to remove the dry soil prior to wet cleaning, otherwise the dry soil will be turned into mud.

Good vacuuming involves slowly vacuuming the carpet, concentrating on the heavy traffic areas. Making slow north-south east-west passes. Slow and thorough vacuuming helps to recover a greater quantity of dry soil prior to wet cleaning. Using a good commercial vacuum cleaner is helpful. Using a pile lifter can further help to open the pile and release dry soil.
Step 2

Mix Releasit according to the directions on the jug. Hot water works well, but any temperature water can be used. Releasit emulsifies soil, holds the soil in suspension, and releases the soil during post-vacuuming.
Step 3
Apply the detergent while making a moderately fast wet-pass with the scrubber. Then follow back with a slower dry-pass. A slight amount of additional detergent can be released on the dry-pass, however it is primarily a minimal moisture pass. Applying a wet-pass and dry-pass provides a balanced approach that won't over-wet the carpet.

Keep in mind that this is a low moisture method, and it is best to keep the moisture to a minimum. You just want to see an even whitening of very light foam on the surface of the carpet on your dry-pass. If you see a foam build-up occurring it's an indication that you're applying too much foam.

Avoid the temptation to lay down more solution if the carpet is heavily soiled, simply make additional dry passes - dispensing a slight amount of detergent as you scrub the carpet. You should be able to observe the desired clean results on your second dry-pass.
Traditional carpet cleaning requires significant training to achieve good results. With the Releasit encapsulation system it is very simple to train technicians who can then achieve superior results with minimum supervision. Superior cleaning can be easily achieved with average employees, making it simple to set up a system that can produce duplicatable and consistent results.
The surfactant package built into Releasit detergents is highly effective on the widest range of soils, covering everything you're likely to encounter in a commercial setting. The polymeric based detergent in Releasit absorbs oils and sticky soil that may be present in the carpet. It also absorbs old detergent residues from previous cleanings. And with the Releasit system, carpets become easier to maintain and they stay clean longer.
With the Releasit encapsulation carpet cleaning method, the soil laden CRYSTALON3 polymer will be extracted through post-vacuuming. The soil breaks free from the fiber as the carpet is scrubbed and gets held in suspension. The crystalized residue can then be vacuumed during the normal routine of post-vacuuming.
The CRYSTALON3 polymer has an additional attribute beyond its strong ability to absorb soil and release from the fiber. The CRYSTALON3 encapsulation polymer is also a major factor in helping the carpet to stay clean longer between cleanings. The brittle non-sticky polymer resists soil (as opposed to traditional detergents that can act like a dirt magnet). If the crystallized polymer gets wet again it will actually be re-solubilized reverting back to a polymeric liquid. When it dries it will re-crystallize all over again -so a build-up can never occur.
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