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How does Releasit work?
• Releasit is formulated with a powerful surfactant package that effectively draws soil away from the carpet's surface and into the encapsulation polymer.
• Releasit's unique CRYSTALON3 polymer absorbs soil and holds it in suspension making it possible to recover the encapsulated soil during the normal post-vacuuming process.
• Releasit detergents are Soil-Resistant, so carpets stay clean longer and will continue to look bright and clean on a day-in day-out basis.
How soil affects carpet...
According to Shaw Industries, 85% of the soil in carpet is dry soil. That means that the soil that is sticking to the surface of the fiber amounts to 15%. Releasit absorbs the sticky soil that binds to the carpet. It's a simple and effective management approach.
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Dry soil can quickly abrade and distort the surface of the carpet fiber. Once the fiber has become scratched from sand and debris it will no longer reflect light as it did before it was damaged and can become soiled more easily. This underscores the need to effectively manage dry soil. Good use of entry mats coupled with thorough and regular vacuuming using a good commercial vacuum cleaner will reduce the damage caused by dry soil. Carpets that are cleaned with Releasit will further resist dry soil, making routine vacuuming easier.
Sticky soil is comprised of oils, sugar based spills and food stains, pollutants and environmental contaminants, asphalt sealers, soot, cigarette smoke, and more. Releasit breaks the bond that holds sticky soil to the carpet. Sticky soils are consumed by Releasit's encapsulation polymer which can later be recovered during the normal routine of post-vacuuming.
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The Releasit carpet maintenance system is part of an overall maintenance program that will keep your carpet looking clean for a longer period of time. Carpets "ugly out" long before they wear out. Recurring spill stains are a common problem with commercial carpets. Traffic lanes become dingy. And the carpet's once bright colors become dull and muted. Releasit effectively resolves all of these frustrating conditions.
Traditional hot water extraction cleaning, as a stand alone method, can present challenges for commercial glue down carpet. Over the course of time, carpets that are maintained with traditional hot water extraction cleaning alone can often reach an unacceptable appearance level, as illustrated in the graph below:
Releasit detergents are loaded with encapsulation polymer! Many so-called "encapsulation" detergents that have flooded the market today have inadequate levels of polymer, or worse yet, no encapsulation polymer at all. Good polymerization is critical to the performance of an encapsulation detergent. Without a solid polymer package, there will be no vehicle for soil recovery.
Releasit benefits:
  • Powerful cleaning properties
  • Soil resistant properties keep the carpet looking clean up to 50% longer than traditional maintenance methods
  • Recurring spill stains can be eliminated
  • Low moisture method - puts carpet back into use quickly
  • High-production - cleans large areas of carpet quickly
  • Carpets stay clean and bright looking day-in day-out
  • Extends the carpet's useful life
  • Environmentally friendly "green" cleaning
  • VOC compliant
  • Low water consumption
  • No waste water produced
  • Low energy consumption
  • No carbon emissions
  • Non-hazardous ingredients
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